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Good Afternoon Everybody,

Firstly, thank you all for being subscribed to this newsletter and for all the positive feedback - whether by email, DMs or elsewhere. It’s a joy that the words I write aren’t just echoing around my skull but are appreciated and shared by others.

Because I appreciate your support
I wanted make this announcement here first.

I’ve heard it said that while there are thousands (and thousands) of podcasts out there, around 80% of them quit within 8 episodes. Given that we’re about to turn the corner into a New Year it’s reasonable that you might wonder if this podcast might suffer a similar fate.

No, it won’t.

And I’ll explain why.

This podcast is going to be comprised of two kinds of episodes. The vast majority will be sermons. Some of these will be recordings from when they were preached while others have been re-recorded since. I currently have 30ish sermons ready to go and am working my way through the remaining ones. The idea is that this will be an audio archive equeivelant to the archive of the texts of sermons which I already maintain on my website

Then there will be ‘Conversations’. My hope is to record some conversations with others about faith, life, and meaning in a similar manner to the topics and themes I write about here. Some of these people will undoubtedly be Christians, possibly even other clergy. Some may well not be, and indeed there’s a couple of people I have in mind who certainly aren’t but with whom I think we could have an engaging conversation. There will be less of these conversation episodes than the sermon episodes but between the two there should hopefully be both variety and substance which I offer in the hope that it will prompt reflections on your own life, your own sense of spirituality and where you are in your walk with God - or if you’re walking with God at all.

When will this start?

Well at the moment I’m getting everything set up behind the scenes so that this trailer will be the initial episode. I have some more recording to do as I’m wanting to upload the sermons in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent. I hope to start uploading the first episodes by the end of the second week of January.

What’s the upload schedule?

Initially, twice a week until all the sermons are up to date and then things will slow down as I’ll upload a sermon after it’s been preached - and depending on the rota I don’t necessarily preach every week. Indeed sometimes I preach every sunday in a month and sometimes I’ll only preach once. As for the conversations, as yet I’m not sure but I’ll keep you in the loop.

How many notifications will there be?

Let’s be honest, email inboxes are busy places and I throughly appreciate your giving me a space in yours. As such I will not be emailing you when I upload new episodes. However what I will do is append a list of episodes uploaded since the last email at the bottom of each email. I hope that this will strike a happy balance of keeping you informed without cluttering your inbox.

Where can I listen?

It will be hosted on

I’ve done the process to add it to:

  • iTunes

  • Google

  • Spotify

  • Stitcher

My hope and understanding is that this will mean that you’ll be able to listen to it on pretty much any podcasting app that you may use. There should be an option wherever you find it to subscribe so that it will be easy to access at your leisure.

Once again, thank you all for your support here.
I’m looking forward to launching this new project
and I hope it will be a blessing to you.

Happy New Year. (Again!)

With every blessing,
Samuel S. Thorp

Husband Priest |Wanderer

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