Podcast Launch

Where to Listen (and Subscribe)

Thank you all for the kind words of support and enthusiasm for the launch of the sister podcast to this newsletter: From the Pilgrim Path.*

The first episode has now been published on the website and so will now be syncing to the syndicated podcasting platforms. This may take up to 24 hours so although the episodes will be published on Saturdays and Tuesdays from now until the end of the Summer you might not find it in your apps until the following day.

I thought it might be helpful to provide links to some of the more common platforms, but you should be able to find it by opening your podcast app of choice - mine happens to be Podcast Addict - and search “From the Pilgrim Path” and you’ll be able to find it and subscribe.

From the Pilgrim Path: Sermon #1 - Mark 9

On Spotify (Which has already synched)

On iTunes/Apple Podcasts

On Google Podcasts

On Stitcher

I hope that you’ll enjoy and benefit from this podcast over the coming months. It’s still a new endeavour and I’ll be working to make each episode incrementally better than the one before. If you enjoy an episode do feel free to pass it on to others, and if any of them prompt questions then do drop me a line and I’d be glad to discuss them with you!

With every blessing,
Samuel S. Thorp

Husband Priest |Wanderer

p.s. I have more emails planned but I’ve been focusing on the Podcast lately with 30+ sermons recorded and almost half that edited and scheduled to come out in the coming weeks.

In case you’re curious, my next email will be: “Why my favourite author is Dead to me”.

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*Trailer here incase you missed it