Walking to the Cathedral on the 9th of June

Samuel's Sponsored Pilgrimage


For those of you who have not seen elsewhere I’m pleased to announce that in a weeks time, on the 9th of June, I shall be undertaking a 27 mile pilgrimage here from the team of Churches in which I serve as Curate to the Cathedral Church in Norwich where I was ordained first Deacon and then Priest.

To explain what’s going to happen I’ve put together this video which will outline both the reasoning and the route.

The short version, though, is that I’ve been walking more this last year - particularly making the most of the daily walk allowed during the lockdowns. About six months ago I decided that I really would like to undertake a longer walk, to go on a meaningful journey. This developed into the project as it stands now: To walk the 27 or so miles from Diss to Norwich heading via a variety of Churches along the way. I will be joined by Bishop Graham Usher, of Norwich, for a stretch in the middle of my walk and I’ll be greeted by the Dean of the Cathedral when I arrive.

This is something which I was resolved to do for myself, but mindful of everything which we’ve all been through I wanted to offer my pilgrimage up for others to benefit from as well. As such I’ve got a notebook in which I’ve been collecting numerous prayer requests. I shall carry this with me and be praying for people and situations both as I walk and when I pause at the different Churches along the way.

Some have asked if I could pray for them “if I have time”; my friends, I’m going to be walking 27 miles - I’ll have time to pray for you.

If you would like me to pray for you, your family or whatever issue is on your heart at the moment then please do reply to this email letting me know. I’ll write it privately in my notebook and you will be prayed for on the 9th of June.

In addition to offering prayer, I’m also offering this pilgrimage up as an opportunity to help raise funds for our team of eleven Churches here in the Diss Team Ministry. Within the last year we have expanded to include the parishes of Bressingham, Burston, Diss, Fersfield, Gissing, North Lopham, Roydon, Shelfanger, South Lopham, Tivetshall, and Winfarthing. Any money raised will go to the Diss Team Ministry to be used to the benefit of the whole team. I’m pleased to be able to share that between online giving and those donations which have gone to the office directly we’ve already raised nearly £1100. If you would like to sponsor me and support the work which I and the Ministry Team do here in the Diss Team Ministry then you can do so at our JustGiving page.

Sponsor Samuel's Pilgrimage Walk

I’m currently in the process of figuring out how best to share the day for people to follow my progress. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to share my location live and I’ll be tweeting using the hashtag #PilgrimSamuel. That will all be hosted on our website dissteamministry.org.uk

Before I sign off, please accept my apologies that this email list has been somewhat neglected this year. I’ve several drafts pending but life has been such that in the balance of priorities I’ve temporarily hit pause on both the newsletter and the podcast - though if you’ve not listened to the podcast yet you can find it at FromThePilgrimPath.com or “FromThePilgrimPath” in the podcast app of your choice. There’s about thirty sermons uploaded there ready and waiting, and I’ve got more recorded awaiting editing to upload. So let’s say I’ve slowed down rather than given up, because I’ve certainly got plans to continue with more!

Lastly, thank you to all of you who have ordered my book of poetry called Glimpses. I was able to use the proceeds from that to invest in a new pair of proper walking boots which I shall be wearing on the 9th!

Please do reply with any prayer requests you might have and once again the link is below should you be willing to sponsor me on this pilgrimage.

With every blessing,
Samuel S. Thorp

Husband Priest |Wanderer

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